Addressing Climate Risk in Financial Institutions

Over the recent years, the financial community has increasingly recognized that climate change represents a source of financial risk. Since the Lehman Brothers’ crisis, financial institutions have reviewed their risks analysis methodologies and metrics. Driven by regulatory requirements, banks and insurance companies have focused their efforts on measuring and limiting credit/ liquidity/ market/ reputation risks…. Lire la suite

Danske Bank: numéro un du blanchiment?

Danske bank est au centre du plus gros scandale de blanchiment d’argent de l’histoire européenne. L’institution danoise est soupçonnée d’avoir permis, via sa filiale estonienne, le blanchiment d’environ 200 milliards d’euros. Les principaux régulateurs financiers mondiaux enquêtent actuellement sur l’affaire. Les sanctions/amendes à venir pourraient atteindre des montants records, toucher d’autres banques et coûter cher… Lire la suite

Back to the future of securitisation? Learning from the past to boost the economy…

Securitisation 101 – the basics Securitisation is a financing technique by which income-generating assets are pooled and sold to a specially created third party, which uses them as collateral to issue securities and sell them in the financial markets. Securitisation is a useful tool used by a wide range of stakeholders in the financial industry:… Lire la suite

BREXIT: The clock is ticking

On Monday, 19 March 2018, the UK and the EU came to an agreement regarding a 21 months transition period. This weekend, an EU summit is due to formally approve the latest evolution of negotiations and set the tone for the EU. This article highlights what you must know on the issue.   One year… Lire la suite