Existe t-il une alternative aux fusions pour l’AM ?

Une irrésistible course à la taille critique ? Les Asset Managers ont peut-être mangé leur pain blanc ces dernières années, portés par des marchés ayant vécu un rally haussier quasi ininterrompu depuis plus de 5 ans. Résultat, les marges restent confortables mais devraient baisser de presque 10% dans les années qui viennent. En effet, une… Lire la suite

Which future for Crowdfunding?

Why crowdfunding? Initially, crowdfunding was launched to allow non-profit organizations to communicate and market their causes to a large panel of people and thus to expand their donators basis. Since then, crowdfunding platforms have evolved and to not only serve non-profit organizations, but also to serve entrepreneurs and small & mid-cap enterprises. The traditional financing… Lire la suite

Crédit à la consommation: comment les acteurs s’adaptent aux nouveaux modes de consommation pour démocratiser les usages ?

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La dernière publicité TV du Crédit Mutuel qui met en scène la possibilité d’obtenir une voiture via un distributeur automatique de billets illustre bien le désir des acteurs du crédit à la consommation de faciliter au maximum l’accès au crédit et de démocratiser son recours. En effet, ce marché retrouve le chemin de la croissance depuis… Lire la suite

How digital transformation could reshape trade Finance Industry? The industry screened through The Family Digital Transformation model

These past 5 years, banks have made great efforts to transform their Trade finance Business, investing on technology & reshaping operating models to reduce cost income ratio, streamlining processes to enhance client experiences, and strengthening compliance and regulatory requirements. They are preparing for next generation of technologies: First by expecting concrete results with OCR technologies,… Lire la suite

What role do asset managers play in sustainability? Part 3: Lead asset managers in ESG integration

The global Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) market is worth around 20 trillion EUR (25% of the total worldwide asset under management), half of which is managed in Europe.  Over the past decade, this market grew for over than 200% becoming today one of the main growth target for asset managers. Who are the major ESG… Lire la suite

What role do asset managers play in sustainability? Part 2: Regulatory framework and impact on asset managers in Europe

As presented in Part 1: Introduction to Sustainable Finance and responsible investing, in order to fulfill its commitment to social, economic and environmental issues, the European Commission has undertaken two actions: the release of the “Shareholder Rights Directive II” in June 2017 and the appointment of a “High Level Expert Group” (HLEG). Both initiatives share… Lire la suite

What role do asset managers play in sustainability? Part 1: Introduction to Sustainable Finance and responsible investing

“Sustainable development is a development that meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Definition by the United Nations). In 1992, after years of slight and shy awareness on sustainable development, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held its first summit in Rio… Lire la suite

Asset Managers and their distributors need to understand Millennials needs. Here’s how

Ah, Millennials … The « Why » generation, broadly speaking people born after 1980, glued to their headphones, constantly shaking the status quo, aiming for a different path of sense and self accomplishment, sometimes to the despair of their elders. Millennials are about to become the largest adult population segment. With ages ranging from 18 to 34, they will soon… Lire la suite

The path to achieving successful controls automation: technology on its own will not get you there

What is at stake? In a challenging environment where regulatory requirements have become more stringent and controls performance are even more burdensome, automation is becoming a priority for financial institutions. This paper aims at providing a practical guide through the controls automation journey. The context Over the last decade, the Compliance function within financial institutions… Lire la suite

5 leviers pour enfin vendre de l’épargne financière – short series

Un des défis majeurs des acteurs de l’épargne, et plus largement des acteurs de finance, est de renforcer la confiance des investisseurs vers les actifs financiers. Voire, en France, de sensibiliser davantage les épargnants à accepter qu’il n’y a pas de performance possible sans prise de risque. Plusieurs conditions semblent réunies aujourd’hui pour imaginer un… Lire la suite

Algorithmic trading is here to stay!

With the increase of market “electronification”, algorithmic trading is becoming more and more popular. As a result, the regulator has paid particular attention to this activity in the MIFID II regulation, designing a brand new set of rules. Market participants are now operating within a more rigorous and stringent framework than ever before. This profoundly changes the way this business is run in investment banks.

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Cover-story : voir grand et dévoiler le potentiel de votre organisation

Dans le prolongement de nos articles sur le Product Box et le Pré-Mortem, nous vous proposons aujourd’hui un zoom sur un nouvel « innovation game ». Cover Story est un exercice de projection et de mobilisation des équipes dont l’objectif est de travailler collectivement sur un futur idéal pour l’organisation et ainsi dévoiler son potentiel. Concrètement l’objet… Lire la suite

Investment Company Liquidity Risk Management & Reporting Modernization: How far along are you in your compliance journey?

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With legislative changes impacting Investment Companies on liquidity risk management and reporting modernization, how ready is your organization to comply with SEC 22e-4?  While the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) issued the final ruling in Q4-2016, time is certainly running out for investment companies impacted by the regulation to comply with SEC rule 22e-4…. Lire la suite

Need to address regulatory emergency? Compliance needs to re-think itself

Under the oppressing regulatory overburdens, Compliance has become a strategic function attracting banks management’s full attention Non-compliance risk is defined as the risk of not complying with regulatory obligations applying to banking and financial activities including the prevention of money laundering, terrorism financing and relating to professional and ethics norms. Non-compliance risks takes the form… Lire la suite

Financial Security : A quadruple lock chain

As the regulatory landscape is more complex than ever, the definition and scope of Financial Security can be difficult to figure out. Why is it important? What are its practical implications for financial institutions? How do financial institutions comply with current regulatory framework? Can Regtechs help? Let us dive in. What is Financial Security? Financial… Lire la suite

The dust of MiFID II storming Investment Research has yet to settle

As MiFID II enters into force, the dust of the storm revolutionizing investment research it created has not settled yet. Buy-side companies and research providers have yet to rapidly conclude prices negotiation and contract the resulting substantial costs reductions. Moreover, in order to look beyond MiFID II’s enforcement and the required swift and timely adaptations:… Lire la suite

Opening New Horizons – 4 Themes for 2018

#1 – ‘Tech-Enabled Financial Products’ (or how to achieve ‘frictionless’ client experience) We believe the journey to a ‘frictionless’ client experience is far from over. More and more banks pitch themselves as ‘Tech companies with a banking license’ (ING CEO Ralph Hamers – August 2017, DNB CEO Rune Bjerke – March 2017) or more simply… Lire la suite

RegTech: it’s a kind of magic?

« RegTech will be 2018 priority”, “RegTech is the solution”, “We should have a team dedicated to RegTech”… Here are the statements we have been hearing on and on in the financial industry. Buzzword? Reality? What are the main unbiased highlights on this industry as of January 2018? Thanks to our extensive research of over 230 RegTech solutions… Lire la suite