Pick of crypto – Pourquoi Tesla a diversifié sa trésorerie en investissant 1,5 Md $ en bitcoins ?

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How to Avoid Data Breaches?

The danger of client churn, loss of competitive advantage, loss of profitability and legal implications for financial organizations that experience a cybersecurity incident is material. Data leaks stories are more and more at the front page of newspapers: “In 2019 a data leakage impacting BlackRock, has exposed names, email addresses and other information of about... Lire la suite

Le cadre réglementaire des crypto-monnaies en France

Préambule Cette année 2020 durement touchée par la crise du covid-19, aura également été marquée par l’ascension de la monnaie virtuelle la plus en vogue, le Bitcoin, atteignant un prix dépassant les 18500 euros. De nombreux acteurs du monde des marchés financiers, s’intéressent de plus en plus à ces monnaies numériques et à leurs systèmes… Lire la suite

What are the impacts of the Blockchain in the Financial Services Industry?

Introduction: Traditionally financial services industry is known for its extensive and substantial IT systems which some of them have been implemented 20 or 25 years ago. It is not surprising that financial firms have shown a lot of interest regarding the Blockchain technology, which could improve their outdated systems and allow them triggering savings. Blockchain… Lire la suite

Pick of the week – 135 milliards : la note salée de Bâle 4 pour les banques

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Reshaping Investment Strategies: sharp and efficient cost saving decisions

Transformation plans are not enough to answer short term challenges faced by Asset Managers In a context of both high and short term cost pressure, Asset Management firms cannot rely on medium term transformation initiatives only. Strong business decisions are needed right now to help mitigating 4 adverse market trends : 1/Market volatility and gloomy… Lire la suite

What role do asset managers play in sustainability? Part 3: Lead asset managers in ESG integration

The global Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) market is worth around 20 trillion EUR (25% of the total worldwide asset under management), half of which is managed in Europe.  Over the past decade, this market grew for over than 200% becoming today one of the main growth target for asset managers. Who are the major ESG… Lire la suite

What role do asset managers play in sustainability? Part 2: Regulatory framework and impact on asset managers in Europe

As presented in Part 1: Introduction to Sustainable Finance and responsible investing, in order to fulfill its commitment to social, economic and environmental issues, the European Commission has undertaken two actions: the release of the “Shareholder Rights Directive II” in June 2017 and the appointment of a “High Level Expert Group” (HLEG). Both initiatives share… Lire la suite

Market data supply is a Bn 30 USD industry linking vendors providing financial information to end users: simple, basic.

When it comes to market data, equation is simple: sources + content + users + means = Bn 30 USD [1]. And if at first sight, we easily sense that it comes to selling shovels in a gold rush, some comments on each element of the equation may be useful to grasp what this is… Lire la suite

BREXIT: The clock is ticking

On Monday, 19 March 2018, the UK and the EU came to an agreement regarding a 21 months transition period. This weekend, an EU summit is due to formally approve the latest evolution of negotiations and set the tone for the EU. This article highlights what you must know on the issue.   One year… Lire la suite