How digital transformation could reshape trade Finance Industry? The industry screened through The Family Digital Transformation model

These past 5 years, banks have made great efforts to transform their Trade finance Business, investing on technology & reshaping operating models to reduce cost income ratio, streamlining processes to enhance client experiences, and strengthening compliance and regulatory requirements. They are preparing for next generation of technologies: First by expecting concrete results with OCR technologies,… Lire la suite

Financial Security : A quadruple lock chain

As the regulatory landscape is more complex than ever, the definition and scope of Financial Security can be difficult to figure out. Why is it important? What are its practical implications for financial institutions? How do financial institutions comply with current regulatory framework? Can Regtechs help? Let us dive in. What is Financial Security? Financial… Lire la suite


Trade Finance Métier is ready for disruption: Pressure on margin, emergence of new products, new technologies, new players, and heavy regulatory constraints…The landscape is quickly shifting. We propose to focus on 3 levers to keep one step ahead. Clients First! – Invest in Client Portal In a highly competitive environment, Corporate Banks must offer best… Lire la suite