Pick of the week – Quand le trading électronique a conquis le monde

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Market data supply is a Bn 30 USD industry linking vendors providing financial information to end users: simple, basic.

When it comes to market data, equation is simple: sources + content + users + means = Bn 30 USD [1]. And if at first sight, we easily sense that it comes to selling shovels in a gold rush, some comments on each element of the equation may be useful to grasp what this is… Lire la suite

How Trading Venues can help financial institutions in their transformation?

Since the 2007 Financial Crisis, Financial Institutions, more especially Investments Banks and Asset Managers, are leading a complete transformation of their business model. This is a deep organizational and cultural shift, leading to a slow and in most case painful evolution of Industry’s characteristics. We can sum up the ongoing transformation by the table below:… Lire la suite